Many thanks to all of you (Attendees and speakers) for this 18th XBRL Europe day which was a real success, but first thank you to our hosts ABN AMRO represented by Erik van der Klei and PwC represented by Willem Geijtenbeek, XBRL Netherlands represented by Paul Snijders, and obviously thank you to the preparation committee.

Around 130 persons the 16th of February, a nice networking dinner the 15th of February and crowdy Working group (Supervisory WG, xEBR WG and SBR WG) sessions the 15th of February. We are more and more attendees !

Let us underline the high quality of the presentations in which we have been able to watch the leading edge technologies and innovations around XBRL, like as an outcome of our XBRL Europe day, those mentioned on the XBRL International website www.xbrl.org thanks to John Turner.


As usual the presentations are made available (see below)


We have presented and explained the new membership model of XBRL Europe and its new benefits and rights for the attendance in our events. We have been able to proudly introduce the new Premium members of XBRL Europe (EY EMEIA, Invoke and THEIA (by juliet sterwen)) and also its Silver members. An new membership developement Task force has been set up and will be lead by Liv Watson from Workiva (Silver member of XBRL Europe).


So do not forget our next XBRL Week 2017 (19th XBRL Europe day and the 23rd Eurofiling workshop) in the European Central Bank premises in Frankfurt from the 6th to the 9th of June 2017 where we will be happy to meet you all again. A Save the date will be sent soon!


Best regards, again thanks to all and see you soon.  


Gilles Maguet

XBRL Europe – Secretary General 



Welcome words by Erik van der Klei, Board member FRC (SBR Banks) ABN AMRO ; Bruno Tesnière, Chair XBRL Europe ; Paul Snidjers, Vice Chair XBRL Europe – XBRL Netherlands ; Gilles Maguet, Secretary General XBRL Europe

Standard Business Reporting  (SBR)  Banks : status and progress, as blue print for European implementation

 Paul Staal, Taxonomy Management at Financial Reporting Cooperative


Standard Business Reporting (SBR) progress

 Tim Willemsen, Logius (Digital Government Netherlands)


Use case implementation Anacredit in a major bank

 Pascal Snijders, XBRL Netherlands


Landscape on progress in Europe. Innovations and new projects to come. Organisational Evolution of XBRL Europe

 Gilles Maguet, Secretary General XBRL Europe


XBRL Europe: Call for actions and innovations

 Hans Buysse, Vice Chair XBRL Europe, XII Board member


XBRL Europe, Standard Business Reporting  (SBR)  Working Group update

Frans Hietbrink, WG Chair

XBRL Europe, Supervisory Reporting Working Group update

  Derek de Brandt, Eric Jarry et Vincent Le Moal-Joubel, WG co-Chairs


XBRL Europe, Business Registers (xEBR) Working Group update

 Thomas Verdin, WG Chair


ESMA decision on inline XBRL/XHTML: The consequences

  Bruno Tesnière, Chair XBRL Europe ; Pierre Hamon, XBRL France


ESMA decision – Impact on the analyst profession

 Hans Buysse, European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) Management Board member


The future of financial digital reporting in the EU

 Michal Piechocki – Chair BR-AG, member of XBRL Europe


European Banking Authority (EBA) update

 Andreas Weller, EBA – Head of IT


EBA and EIOPA implementation in the Netherlands, a Market experience

 Klaas van de Geest, XBRL Netherlands


XBRL Technology (inline XBRL, Open Information Model, Specification topics …) 

 Paul Warren, Technical Director of XBRL International


XBRL Assurance and True and Fair View

 Paul Snijders  – XBRL Europe Vice-Chair


Machine Learning on Danish annual reports in XBRL

 Niels-Peter Rønmos, Chief Advisor Danish Business Authority


Natural Capital and XBRL

 Liv Watson – Workiva – member of XBRL Europe


Assurance in Broad European context for ESMA, EBA, EIOPA

 Willem Geijtenbeek – SBR/XBRL Leader


Expanding our Vision: To 2020 and Beyond, Short Term Priorities for XBRL International, How to get involved and contribute to the digitisation of business reporting

 John Turner, CEO XBRL International

15th December 2017 – Working Groups
"Lessons learned on the Frontline of XBRL" which was based on our experience implementing a Solvency II solution for Bank of England
Tom Leahy, Vizor Ltd, member of XBRL Europe
SBR in Germany using E-Bilanz Online
Alf Heidemann – Bundesanzeiger Verlag