Welcome on the xEBR webpage!

xEBR is the short name for the XBRL Europe Business Registers Working Group, that has been created to increase coordination and interoperability for XBRL efforts and taxonomies for European business registers and company information providers.

The Group aims to connect everyone in Europe working on the electronic filing, exchange, publishing and analysis of registered legal, financial and economical data of companies, for which XBRL is a relevant standard and in extension to the business registers interconnection efforts requested in European Directives.

Our main activities are :

  • We hold regular meetings for sharing news amongst members (about national projects or taxonomies, as well as about any initiative on the registered company data) – see the News & Minutes section for more info.
  • We contribute to XBRL Europe efforts for promoting XBRL in Europe (during conferences of by prepararing written answers to public consultations) – see the Publications section for more info.
  • We develop the xEBR Core Reference Taxonomny, that includes common concepts for company identification and financial statements; it aims to be a connecting pivot between existing national taxonomies, for more data exchanges across Europe – see the Taxonomy section for more info.

Since 2018, the working group has been transformed into a Network, activated only when needed. We meet during XBRL Europe Days and at some SBR WG meetings.

For more information or if you want to participate to our Network, feel free to contact the WG Chair (Thomas Verdin).

Our activities refer to the 2015 xEBR WG charter (uploaded 2015/01, update of our previous 2009-14 WG charter signed in 2009) and are exposed in the general WG presentation kit (uploaded 2015/05).