Welcome on the IFRS SAM webpage!

IFRS SAM is the short name for the XBRL Europe IFRS Securities and Market Working Group, that has been created to increase coordination and interoperability for XBRL efforts and taxonomies for European listed companies.

The Group connects everyone in Europe who uses or plans to use XBRL for filing, publishing of analysing legal, financial and economical data of listed companies in application of the New Transparency Directive.

Our main activities are:

  • We hold meetings for sharing news amongst members (about national projects or taxonomies).
  • We contribute to XBRL Europe efforts for promoting XBRL in Europe (during conferences of by prepararing written answers to public consultations).
  • We coordinate with the Usability Group to share needs of the expected users of the data published by listed companies.

For more information or if you want to participate to our Group, feel free to contact the WG Chair (Pierre Hamon).