XBRL Europe is an international not for profit organisation under Belgian law.

The association is governed by its bylaws which have been revised and registered on June 17th, 2020.

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See dates and management reports on the dedicated page.


At the General Assembly during the 30th Europe digital week, the 13rd of June 2022,  the XBRL Europe members have elected their Executive Committee and Audit Committee for 2022-2023. At the General Assembly the 22nd of May 2023, Manuel Puerta da Costa (EFFAS) has been officially elected in replacement of Hans Buysse. At the Executive Committee meeting of 26 March 2024, Thomas Verdin has been elected Chair of XBRL Europe, replacing thus Bruno Tesnière, elected then Vice Chair of XBRL Europe.

a.      Cat 1 – Jurisdictions representatives

  • XBRL Finland represented by Elina Koskentalo elected Vice Chair of XBRL Europe
  • XBRL France represented by Bruno Tesnière elected Vice Chair of XBRL Europe
  • XBRL Germany represented by Thomas Klement
  • XBRL Italy represented by Eugenio Virguti
  • XBRL Netherlands represented by René Van der Meij 
  • XBRL UK represented by Philip Allen

b.    Cat 2, 3, 4 – Direct Members representatives

  • Bundesanzeiger Verlag represented by Krzysztof Jesse
  • EFFAS represented by Manuel Puerta da Costa 
  • PwC represented by Jon Rowden
  • TESH Advice represented by Thomas Verdin elected Chair Vice Chair of XBRL Europe
  • UB Partner represented by Martin Deville

c.      Permanent XII representative

  • XBRL International permanent non elected seat represented by John Turner


  • Géraud Amic – UB Partner