Our next meetings

 July 19th 13pm CET (conference call)

 September 19th 13pm CET (conference call)

 October 17th 13pm CET (conference call)

 November  xxth 15??pm CET (Meeting in Dubai)

 December 19th 13pm CET (conference call)

Ongoing work:

  • Developing a methodology for describing SBR and its application
  • Inventory of present and new European legislation which impact the electronic filing, exchange and analys of business information
  • Expanding the group to « countries » instead of individual participants

Draft Meeting Minutes:

  Meeting – 18 – June 20th 2018 (Conference Call) DRAFT

Meeting Minutes:

  Meeting – 17  – May 29th 2018 (Meeting in Warsaw)

  Meeting 16  – May 16th 2018 (Conference Call)

  Meeting 15 – April 18th 2018 (Conference Call)

  Meeting 14 – January 31st 2018 (Meeting in Copenhagen)

  Meeting 13 – January 10th 2018 (Conference call)

See also our Meeting Minute Archive  (participants only)